Sociologist, Educator, writer, Activist


Peer Reviewed Articles

The Pleasures of Fetishization: BBW Erotic Webcam Performers, Empowerment, and Pleasure, Fat Studies. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society, print forthcoming 

Sex is Not a Problem: The Erasure of Pleasure in Sexual Science Research. Sexualities,  Vol. 22(4) 643–668. 

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The Niagara Movement 1905-1910: A Revisionist Approach to the Social History of the Civil Rights Movement. The Journal of Historical Sociology,  2010, Vol. 23, issue 3.

Queer Heterotopias: Homonormativity and the Future of Queerness. 

Interalia: a Journal of Queer Studies, Vol. 4, 2009.

Book Chapters

KINK WORK ONLINE: The Diffuse Lives of Erotic Webcam Performers and Their Clients. Expanding the Rainbow: Exploring the Relationships of Bi+, Trans, Ace, Poly, Kink, and Intersex People, edited by Brandy L. Simula, J. Sumerau, and Andrea Miller. Sense Publishers, forthcoming 

Pornographics as Queer Method. In Other: Please Specify: Queer Methods in 

Sociology, edited by Kristen Schilt, Tey Meadow, and D’Lane Compton. Berkeley, California: University of California Press, 20